About us

Our Passion: Performance at Scale

Sneller’s primary innovation is its SQL virtual machine written entirely in AVX-512 assembly. Every Intel Xeon processor shipped since 2018 has support for AVX-512, as well as the latest generation of AMD processors (Zen 4 and later). With AVX-512, our SQL virtual machine is able to process sixteen rows of data instead of one with the same number of CPU instructions. Sneller was accepted into Intel’s Startup Disruptor Program based on this innovation.

Meet the team…

Frank Wessels
Founder & CEO
Frank started his career by applying optimization techniques in the Medical Imaging space for 2D as well as 3D/GPU-based visualization. Seeing the latest advancements in SIMD computing on both the ARM and Intel architectures, he saw an opportunity to launch Sneller in order to fully leverage these innovations. Prior to founding Sneller, Frank was CTO at open source object storage startup MinIO.
Phil Hofer
Phil is a recovering physicist with a passion for compilers and high-performance computing. His professional software career began after publishing a few successful open source libraries that are used by a number of major cloud enterprises. Most recently before joining Sneller, Phil was running an independent software engineering consulting business.
Henk-Jan Lebbink
Senior Software Engineer
Henk-Jan is an enthusiastic programmer with a special interest in theorem proving and optimization. He earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence on reasoning and epistemic logics. Although he was once distracted by an MBA on entrepreneurship, he ultimately regained focus on the things that truly matter: correctness and computational speed. Implementing algorithms as fast as possible, using all means available, truly aligns with Sneller’s motto.
Ramon de Klein
Senior Software Engineer
Ramon is a passionate programmer for over 25 years and working on everything but the assembler code. He has been involved with Sneller, since the beginning.
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