Pricing made simple

One Plan

Sneller Cloud has simple pricing: $50 per PB scanned.

Yes, that is per Petabyte and not Terabyte. And some other platforms will charge you $5000 or more per PB (advertised as “just” $5 per TB). So Sneller Cloud is 100x less expensive.


  • No plans to choose from.
  • No long-term commitments.
  • No obfuscated credit-based pricing.
  • No cost calculator.
  • No storage costs 1.
  • Zero cost ingest on S3.


  • Try free query dry runs ahead of time to check how many bytes will be consumed.
  • Due to Sneller’s time index (automatic and lightweight), the minimum amount of bytes is scanned when passing in a period of time.
  • Leverage table partitions to reduce the number of bytes scanned. This will minimize the cost as well as speed up queries.

  1. Other than for your own S3 buckets on your normal AWS bill. See here for more info. ↩︎